Saturday, 28 April 2012

More growing

Bit of a wet miserable day today but I have some gardening to do, I need a bed for my peppers and for spinach, the peppers will go under my little polly tunnel, I've got strawberries growing in bags and looking very healthy so I went back to "Noz" to see if they had any more of them, they hadn't, but they had grow kits for peas and beans so I bought a couple, might go and get a couple more. I looked on line and these kits cost about a ten pound, in Noz they are €3.50. I've already got peas and beans in the ground, I used broken pots, just the rim, and put these in the ground and put the seeds in, easier to weed that way, 
I've got some bean seeds to go in the ones I've got but I want to put sweet peas in a couple so I can put the bag on the patio, when its built!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lot of it about

Maybe its something to do with the elections.


I've had Kenzo with me this weekend.

I bought him a quad
He loves the box

 I had a go as well.

The extension, almost done

Its coming along and its getting exciting
First row of bricks, I think this scared Paul the most

Just like lego, without the colours.

View from the veg garden.

Frame the door and window spaces, fingers crossed

Having a break, roof joists in.

Taking shape
Wood on walls for insulation and plaster board.

Roof boarded and first layer of felt on, Pauls putting on three layers.

Window and door going in.

And they fit.

Wet weather on the way, time to work indoors.

Electrics and satellite wires inplace now the insulation

And plaster board.

 In with the door between the dining room and the new lounge.

Plaster the joints
Glass not in yet (good job!!)