Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My New Toy

I've bought myself a lap top, a Samsung X420, perfect for updating my blog while relaxing after a stressful day.

Its perfect for every use that I need a PC for, good battery life, easy (ish) its in French!) The speakers are awful but it plugs straight into my TV on the HDMI port, this means I can watch films and TV programmes when I want to watch them on my large screen TV with great sound. It also means Paul gets to use his PC when he wants and as long as he puts his headphones on he can watch NCIS any time he likes. I've also got my Orange TV decoder from France Telecom, although I think this is a con, when I took out my original contract with them they said TV is included in the price, although we couldn't get the TV where we live, and no we don't get a reduced rate because of that, now with a dish and the router we can get the TV, we had to sign a new contract, which includes TV. I explained so did the last contract, but for those of you who have experienced French customer service you will realise I'm wasting my time arguing the point with the shop assistant.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Test results

I've had my scan to check for any signs of asbestosis, I love the French health system, I visited my Doctor, explained why I wanted a scan, she issued a prescription, I then visited the hospital ( I could have phoned but I was near the hospital shopping), asked for an appointment, because I wanted the interview at a certain time I had to wait three days, had I had said any time I could have had an appointment for the next day, why is it not that easy in the UK? Scan and results within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital. Cost €7.70 which will be reimbursed by my insurance, but I'm sure there are many in the UK waiting for scans, mammograms and such like that , that would happily pay say a tenner to get the treatment within a few days even if not reimbursed.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Coming soon, Sixt Fete

More to be posted, Sixt fete 2nd of July.

Last years pics HERE

Coming soon, Tour de france

As I mentioned HERE, the Tour de France is coming to town and preparations are under way for possibly the biggest cycle race in the world, Personally I have other things to do, ironing perhaps, so I won't be watching, but here is a snapshot of what is being prepared.

 See more HERE

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back to the UK

On Tuesday I have to return to the UK for four days after the death of my Father. Dan and Veronique are coming with me. Its been a rough few days, my Father passed away last Friday, the family asked when it suited me to have the funeral what time and date for it to take place and gave me some dates to choose from, I asked for the 16th, this Friday. All seemed straight forward, the family contacted a funeral Directors and got everything booked, I booked and paid for my flights and Dan and Vero booked time off work, we then found out that because he had an industrial disease there had to be an inquest by the coroner and an autopsy, his disease was asbestosis, it was already diagnosed, his employers had already accepted liability many years ago, so there was nothing new that needed investigating. This has thrown all the plans in the air, will the autopsy take place soon enough to allow the funeral to go ahead, I had been strong after my fathers death, I had already prepared myself mentally to him going but this put a lot of strain on me. What has been hard is not being there and not having a role to play.
Mom and dad on there wedding day

My dad grafted all his life, never had a day off sick until he was struck down with the asbestosis, we had a large family but always had the best that my parents could afford, we were never "poor", both my parents worked and as I said my dad grafted to make sure we never went without, but now we have the sad task of dealing with inheritance selling our family home, dividing all the things that were always there from our childhood, my dad never rented, he always owned his own home,our family home, now he and mother have gone its the end of an era, what has always been there is no more, on the day of the funeral we will walk away from our family centre for the last time. Us as a family are strong as a team, so if one of us has tears there are other arms to comfort us. Hopefully the funeral will take place on the booked day, if it doesn't then Dan and Vero will have to fly back on Saturday as booked and I will have to stay in the UK till after the funeral.
When I get back I need to go for tests for asbestosis my Doctor has written me a prescription, she thinks it unnecessary but as asbestos also contributed to my mothers death it would be a good thing to have done, my Mother got it from washing my dads work clothes and My brother and I used to sit on the sink while my Mother did the laundry.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Feeding time


Its the only thing I have sent to me from the UK, there are many in France who do a lot of shopping through various enterprises here in France and the UK, its often (possibly always) cheaper to buy on line at the likes of Asda and Tesco's and pay someone to deliver  it to France. The only problem I have is the logistics of it all. So I ask anyone coming over to bring me the Asda brand tea bags. My Mother used to send me teabags by post. They do sell Thé Anglais in the shops, or English breakfast tea but its not the same, sometimes you can find proper English tea in the English food sections in the supermarkets, but at vastly inflated prices. My son, Dan, has no such problem, he's happy with French tea, heres a snapshot of his tea selection.
Its not for me, a nice cuppa Yorkshire tea, thats white I need.

1st Festival des arts de la rue, in La Gacilly.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out last night or even if I should, but in the end I did, and was glad I did, I enjoyed the evening even though I couldn't put my Dad out of my mind. Heres a few photographs from last night.
The rest can be found HERE

La Gacillys little secret.
It looks like a wine shop, a cave, but at the back has a excellent tapas bar and attractive lounge, looks expensive but isn't, at the top of the hill, past the boulangerie opposite the Tabac is La Cave MK, They havnt got a website as yet, when they do I will post the link.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Goodbye Dad

My Father passed away today, I will be going to England soon for the funeral.
He had been ill for a long while, Now he is reunited with my Mother.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Learn French in One Word

Water Restrictions in Place Across Brittany

Yesterday the Brittany Prefecture announced water restrictions across the entire region after water levels normally seen at the end of July were recorded at the start of May.
In total ten restrictions have been put in to place effective from today and you should not undertake the following activities;

-          Car washes (apart for vehicles which have a legal obligation for example food trucks)
-          Cleaning of house facades and roofs
-          Cleaning of pavements, sidewalks and gutters
-          Filling, either whole or part, of private swimming pools
-          Watering of lawns and flowerbeds (between 8 am and 8pm)
-          Watering or cleaning of public or private sports grounds (stadiums, courts)

Pubic fountains will also be shut off unless fitted with a internal round circuit meaning the same water is used.

Farms across Brittany are also affected by the restrictions with ‘Agricultural Irrigation’ allowed only in certain circumstances.

Anyone found to be breaking these restrictions is liable to be fined.

A snap shot of my Spam folder

Apparently there are still people who fall for these scams!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coming (very) soon

1st Festival des arts de la rue, in La Gacilly.
As well as all the photographs being up for the 2011 Photo exhibition, this officially opens 3rd June, this weekend is a festival of Circus, theatre and magic.there will be face painting, clown workshops and street theatre, bands will be playing in the village and in the bars. Entrance is free to all events, a perfect weekend for all the family.

The website for the festival is HERE.

And for the ladies, learn how to fly a glider

Samedi 4 juin 2011 : Ca plane pour elles à St Sulpice.
Faites le savoir autour de vous!