Sunday, 31 October 2010

Black Cherry Cheese Cake

This recipe is for two individual cheese cakes, it takes about 5 minutes to make, for a larger cheesecake for a family you will need a pack of digestives and 500gm of Mascarponi and more sugar. Try using a different jam, fresh fruit. leave out the fruit and jam and add the juice of the lemon to the cheese, So many variations I waned to make one with lemon curd but wasn't able to buy any yesterday, as soon as I see some I will try it.

7-8 digestive biscuits
250gm Mascarponi cheese
2 tbsp sugar
1 Lemon
Black Cherry Jam

Crush the biscuits, I put them into a freezer bag and use a rolling pin to smash them, add enough melted butter to hold the biscuit together, put in the serving dishes and cool in the fridge. Meanwhile, put the mascarponi cheese in a bowl with the sugar and the zest of the lemon and mix together, put the jam, about one tablespoon on top of the biscuit base and put the mascarponi on top.

Edit, Paul just tasted the cheesecake, he says "less jam" But gorgeous though.

The Chocolate, using any chilled chocolate bars that you want, put the bar on a work top, using a large knife scrape the blade across the bar, you will need to hold the bar against you so be careful. for a powdery chocolate lean the blade towards you, for thin slivers hold the blade up right. place the chocolate on top and eat or return to fridge.

Nest boxes

Outside of the supper markets you will usually find the empty vegetable and fruit boxes, to make nest boxes for the chickens Paul just screws two together adds some straw and puts them in the chicken coops.

A few photos of the cats.

Above, Lewis in his favourite place, no one bothers him up there.

Below, Mercedes, just being cool.

Dead Duck

I noticed that there was only four ducks walking around, I went searching for the missing one and found her in the pool, drowned!

Paul took the meat off her, not much meat on the breast but the legs are OK. Not letting her go to waste.

It was just after this that the cat in its excitement grabbed Paul's arm and bit him.

No its not normal for the cats to be on the work tops, but you can understand there curiosity.

Site review

Keith at "A Taste of Garlic" has reviewed my Rosies Kitchen blog, click on the logo above to read it. Thank you Keith, Keith reviews different blogs and websites (nearly) every day, with a few exceptions they are all about France. Getting a mention on "A Taste of Garlic" ensures my own visitors increase. His sites are so popular.
There are two sites from Keith I look at daily, "A Taste of Garlic" and "Breton Diary" Breton Diary is Keiths own blog, often amusing, some great photographs and like my blog offer an insight into what its like to live in this beautiful part of France. Keith and I have a similar approach to blogging, we don't write endless streams of text (apart from now) but like to use photographs to show what living in Brittany is like.
I try to add to my blog daily, or at least every other day, I know that sometimes the days post could be boring to some, but this blog is my diary, but it contains recipes, history, advice on living in France, what's on and many other subjects, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, it has over 450 posts on it, I love writing it.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Future dinners.

My ducks were pecking at each other and eating the feathers, usually a sign of boredom and bad diet.

So I've let them out of there house (they know where it is now), and changed there feed, they can also forage, that keeps them occupied. Still very timid, they follow each other around in a very tight group. They are gaining weight and are starting to look very tasty, as usual, much to Paul's annoyance, I have a favourite, one of them looks like a half wild duck and I want to keep her, I know its a female and would like to breed it with my wild male, Paul agrees that the offspring may prove very tasty so it looks like I may get my way, again!

Carrot Cake

Another version of my World Famous one pot yoghurt cake, this time with carrot.

Find the recipe and method here.

The colours of Autumn

I need to buy a decent camera, I've always used either my old digital camera with the quality turned down or my telephone, usually I'm happy with my snaps, quick to upload to the blog, quick to load on the blog, but looking back at the Misty Sunday photographs, the difference between the photo's I took with my phone and the ones that Dan took with his SLR, I've decided to invest (soon) in something good, not an SLR, I want something that will fit in my pocket, a Fuji 10 mega pixel I think. But for now, hers a few photographs I took today, a lovely sunny day, I love the colours the reds and oranges, but I can't post most of them, they turned out to dark, but these I'm happy with.


Apparently its my Blogiversary today, its a good job someone noticed because I didn't.

A Taste of Garlic - because we all love reading blogs about life in France

Monday, 25 October 2010

Shopping in France

Just been to Super U, I needed 3 bricks (1 litre packs) of skimmed milk, now normally they are in packs of 6, if there's none open you open one and take what you want, today there was no skimmed, I then noticed they were on a separate shelf, packs of 8 wrapped in plastic with promo logos, so I picked one up and went to the help desk.
Me. Can I open one of these, I only want 3,
Assistant. Yes of course,
Me, How much is a pack
Assistant. €7
Me. But there 80cents each.
Assistant. Yes
Me. 8 x 80cents is €6,40.
Assistant. But if you have a Super U card the pack is €6, so you save €1
Me. No I save 40 cents.
Assistant, Yes.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Morning

Paul likes to get up early on a Sunday, he needs to go to bed early(ish) on Sunday night because of work Monday, not so easy after a birthday party, but he was still up early enough to take these photographs.

But Dan was up before Paul and took these.

Enricks 18th Birthday party

But it was Enricks birthday, so we must include a photograph of him.