Monday, 29 March 2010

I'm getting a flower bed

Now the scrap cars have gone, Paul has taken out another piece of hedge and is building a raised flower bed and parking for three cars. I've been out today and bought the first plants to go in, just waiting for Paul to finish filling the raised bed. Five tonne of gravel coming tomorrow for the driveway.


I'm not allowed to do any house work, including cooking, so its Paul's Job, strange, normally he says this type of food is very expensive and he won't buy it. Tasted very nice, but I could do better.

Château Giraudaye

In the thirteenth century the estate in which the Château was built was the property of the Bishops of Dol de Bretagne.
The Château was built in the sixteenth century, the bishops lived there until the revolution.
In the nineteenth century it was bought by
Houitte La Chesnais, from Saint-Malo, and became a farm.
The family still own the property and Yvonnick and Catherine de La Chesnais create a camp-site of 60 pitches.
In 1988, an 18 hole golf course is opened, the construction of a 3 star hotel with 45 rooms in 1992 followed by a thirty apartments and studios in 1997.
In 1995, a water park was created, and several reception rooms were opened.
In 2002 a adventure trail was added.

I will add more as soon as I've translated it.

Friday, 26 March 2010

I've been in hospital.

I had an hysterectomy, in September I was told I needed an operation, but because of the size of my uterus I needed to go on a six month course of injections, the injections cost €135 a time plus the cost of the nurse coming out. The injections helped reduce the size and made for a smaller scar, on the 18th of March I was admitted to Redon Hospital, on the 19th I had my operation, I was in surgery for 2 and half hours, but was in theatre for a total of 6 hours as they sorted out my pain control, I was wired up to 4 machines (including the one that go's ping) had 2 drips and a machine that on a press of a button gave me morphine. On the 21st I was disconnected from the machines and drips and in the afternoon was allowed to wonder around the wards but It was the 22nd before I was allowed and food or drink and was discharged on the 23rd, hospital bill €4700, I mention the bills to show those without a mutuel or even health cover some idea of what going into hospital could cost.

Although I understand French and can speak a little its nice when others speak English better than I do French to speak to me in English.
The surgeon was fantastic, throughout consultation, before and after the op, she spoke English and was very friendly, I had complete confidence in her.
The nurse on the ward, highest of praises, all spoke (to different degrees) to me in English, also very friendly and understanding.
I have met a couple of the anaesthetists at Redon hospital before, one when Paul had his op and the one I saw before I went in, both speak English, unfortunately I didn't get one of them for my op, the one I got was a miserable sod, who when he found out I was English wouldn't speak to me at all, not even in French, he had problems getting my needle in, I heard him telling his colleague (in French) that he was struggling to get my needle in, they pinned my arms down and it hurt, I was then left alone for 15 mins, but i could hear them making comments about the English, I would refuse to have him if I had to go in again, I will be telling the hospital this as well as the positive comments in a letter to the hospital.
But, overall I was very pleased with the service I got although the food wasn't good.
Heres a few photographs, the view from my room and my slippers.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Very busy weekend

Friday, dinner for four;
Salmon mousse
mixed veg in mayonnaise
Chicken Cordon blue, chunky chips and mushy peas
Crème caramel

Saturday morning;
Up early getting tea and croissants for Mike and Violaine, who were going fishing.
Sandwiches for lunch
Dinner for 5;
Avocado and Tuna on lettuce
Lemon chicken, dauphenoise potatoes
Pineapple slices and yoghurt.

Sunday breakfast for 5
Huge Toulouse sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes fried bread and toast.

Sunday lunch for 6;
Cold meats
Prawn salad, Marie Rose sauce
Roast pork
Carrots, peas and beans
Roast Potatoes, gravy and apple sauce
Cheese and salad

all the above accompanied with wines and beers.
Great to have the family together before I go into hospital, and enjoyed seeing Kenzo all weekend. I enjoyed playing cards with my boys Saturday night when the girls went to the theatre.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The weather is on the up

Next week the winds are coming from the south, this week we have winds for from the north, but even with north winds you can see and feel that spring is coming.

Friday, Mar 12
Intermittent Clouds
Mostly sunny early, then areas of low clouds forming. Winds from the N at 16 km/h.
Realfeel®: 8 °C
High: 9 °C

Saturday, Mar 13
Intermittent Clouds
Chilly with times of clouds and sun. Winds from the N at 20 km/h.
Realfeel®: 4 °C
High: 8 °C

Sunday, Mar 14
Low clouds. Winds from the NNW at 12 km/h.
Realfeel®: 9 °C
High: 11 °C

Monday, Mar 15
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny. Winds from the NNE at 4 km/h.
Realfeel®: 15 °C
High: 11 °C

Chris Rea knows where this is.

Following a comment by Keith Eckstein, I'm posting these.

The Road to Hell

Fed up of having there village sign stolen the people of Condom were asked in 2004 if they would like to change the village name, they said no, so in 2006 a new sign was placed, heavily concreted in place and chained.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Got rid of some scrap

More text tomorrow, but got rid of some scrap and now have a parking place, when I've gravelled it.

Under the car

Saturday, 6 March 2010

La Gacilly, road names

Diapaga is a city located in the province of Tapoa in Burkino Faso It is the capital of Tapoa Province. The main ethnic group are the Gourmanche.
No idea who Jean Luc Coulidiati is.
Yves Rocher retired from the company in 1992, passing control to his son Didier, but returned to the helm after Didier's death in 1994. His grandson Bris was named vice-president in 2007, and took over the company completely after Yves Rocher's death in 2009.

No Idea I will find out.

Could be;

Not sure, but going with a French Admiral from the 1800's
Lots of St Vincents, but for know going with the saint of wine.

I believe one of many French Jews sent to the concentration camps during the second world war.