Oradour Sur Glane


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I did a post on Oradour Sur Glane last year it is a very spooky place to walk around. Wish I had known you were close by, we maybe could have met each other. Diane

Val Grainger said...

Hi Ros
Thanks for posting those pics....they say so much more than a book. I have known the history of Oradour sur Glane since I was a child ......how missing the tram saved people and how so many victims were children, how some boys ran away and were able to tell what happened....my mother knew all about it in minute detail....i don't know how and cannot ask now as she is no longer with us, but my aunt, her sister I have just discovered was a fluent french speaker and 'did' something in the war....but of course she took what she did to the grave and I have no way of finding out....but I think it was resistance related.