Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day

Hopefully you all had a great Christmas day, here's some pictures from lunch at Dans. Kenzo's first Christmas, loads of presents but he loved the wrapping paper. The food pictures are on Mikes camera, I will post them when he gets back from Paris.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

New clothes

I wanted some new clothes for Christmas day, the men in the family have there Christmas jumper competition, Paul has a cardigan for this year, just a mass of colours, a cardigan only your granny could buy you, us girls prefer to dress better, Although not a big eater I've been a little, er, plump, I'm due to have a hysterectomy in February and I've been having injections to reduce, shall we say the swelling, I've dropped two dress sizes and I'm wondering what size I will be after my op, its nice to be able to buy "nice clothes", Paul wants me in dresses after the op but I'm not really a dress wearer, we will see come the summer, lets see what he wants to buy me in the sales. I've had my hair cut so I'm ready to face the day.

Some wintery Photographs

Not great quality, they were taken with my phone.

Thanks for your comments

As I said, I'm guilty of not leaving comments myself, I do check your blog Blu, normally your Blucamels one and now looking at, Clueless, I'm watching with interest,you have been busy. French Fancy, I've never seen your blog before but an excellent read with loads of comments, I've book marked it and will pop in regularly.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Blog, why bother?

Its a lot better than keeping a diary and its easy to share, but, you can never be sure if anyone actually reads it, many the time I've mentioned something or discussed photographs I've posted with my sister Yvonne, "I've not looked today" she will say, this is possibly about something I posted two or three days ago! Or, maybe thousands are reading about Half Acre Farm, but no one is commenting, or very few are following the blog, now I'm as guilty as everyone else, I read a few blogs regularly and others occasionally, but often forget to comment, even just to say, "OK read it", so if you are reading this please tell me, you don't need to critique if you don't want to, just so I know that I'm being heard.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Winter warming food

Summer food is about colour, its about flavours and its about sharing with friends with wine on a warm summer evening. Winter food is about heat and calories, comfort food eaten in front of a blazing fire, shutters closed, dogs curled up by your feet and the cats reaching over your shoulder trying to nick some food off your plate. Its about living in a 100yr old single glazed stone house, with drafts blowing through, its about cold stone floors, as long as you know how to keep warm, as long as you eat the right foods it can be heaven.

Pot au feu
Traditionally, pot au feu is cooked in a large stockpot in which the meats simmer for a couple of hours before wintry vegetables such as carrots, leeks, turnips, and potatoes are added, cheap meat on the bone, traditionally beef, slowly cooking on top of the wood burner, taking huge ladle fulls and chunks of crusty bread, spreading the marrow on the bread and dunking in to the hot sauce, warmed red wine, its hard to beat. I try to make enough to last two days, what's left after that I blitz it down into a soup. Pot au feu can also be made from chickpeas, saffron, pork meatballs and lamb short ribs but I prefer beef.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Or is at a nightmare, another round of collecting pony poo from the winter grazing, we don't own the land so its important we keep it clean. First thing in the morning, snugly bug in bed, just the cries of cockerels demanding their breakfast, although most of chicks are in the coops there are some still roosting in the bare oak tree, it was -8 last night, yet the stupid birds are still up there, I was expecting to find frozen chickens this morning! So the tree dwellers are up and around demanding food, I drag myself from my bed, release the hounds then collect the bread I've left soaking and venture outside, bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!!!!!! Next release the geese who always attack me, then duckles our last surviving duck, fill the feeders and open up the coops. Now to go feed the ponies, two buckets with a handful of pellets, a couple of carrots and potato peelings, on the walk up to the paddock I will collect a couple of the apples that are still on the ground in one of the holiday homes in the commune, I also take a small bag of hay. I take a hammer with me to break the ice on the water trough. 2 hours later feed the dogs and cats at last time for a cup of tea.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Merry Christmas to all my readers.

And a happy new year


The cats like to hang around when I feed the animals, not sure how they get into the closed feed bins but mice get in them, I'm not scared of mice but they are hard to catch, if they jump out they are usually chased by not only the cats, but the chickens as well, Funny.

I play a game with chicks, I throw a snail in between them, one chicken will grab the snail and run, the other chicks chase, as soon as the chicken with the snail stops to try to eat it another will grab it and off they go again, keeps them amused for ages.

I'm confused!!!!!!!

Well I am blonde, but a YOUGOV poll (why!!!!!!!!!) shows the voting for X factor as Joe: 43% Olly: 20% and Stacey: 17%, now as they are the only ones left in the competition, my question, who are the other 20% voting for?

Appy Burfday

Off out tonight, its my burfday tomorrow and Paul's on Monday, so the lads are taking us first for a curry in Rennes and then ice skating, looking out the window I could possibly go skating now, its so cold.
I've just let the chickens ducks and geese out, soggy bread and pellets for breakfast, the animals, not me, time for a cup of tea then I need to take the feed up to the ponies who are on there winter pasture, I've seen another piece of land sitting there doing nothing and I have to go speak to the owners about letting the ponies on to it. I know the owner keeps sheep on there later in the year but at the moment its empty.
A site worth visiting these are friends of ours, Keef and Jilly, Keef has many websites and is available to hire to build your own websites for you at reasonable cost, I'm enjoying reading a taste of garlic but he goes on far to much about incest and Morris dancing! Still an amusing read with interviews with such great literary giants such as George East (no, George East not Fred West). After George's disasters trying to live and work in France, many people moved to France because of the way he painted the idea of living here or maybe it was just to prove they could make a better job of it than George did.
After reading the George East interview I've decided to do my own, but with a different angle, I'm going to ask sensible questions, watch this space.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Winter bites

Winter is arriving and Half Acre Farm is now muddy, the ponies have been moved to their winter pastures, the walnuts are gathered, the turkeys are in the freezer, the geese are looking worried and the chickens don't have a clue as to what fate has in-store for some of them.
I've had a couple of hospital appointments, a mole that had changed has been checked and is benign, my hysterectomy has been scheduled for the end of February or beginning of March, the down side of this is my Dr wants me to have a couple more injections between now and then to further reduce the size of my Uterus, these hurt, but not long to wait now.

If this is annoying you can click the music off, it autoloads and I cant work out how to stop it.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Roses Kitchen

Tomato soup;
A simple recipe for a delicious warming tomato soup;

1kg Tomatoes
1 med onion
1 chicken or vegetable OXO
1 teaspoon suger
500ml milk
1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
1 clove of garlic (optional)
1 tbsp Tomato purée
Salt and pepper

Quarter the tomatoes, finally chop the onions, place in a good size saucepan and cook, add salt, pepper and garlic, keep stirring and break up the tomatoes, when soft remove from heat and liquidize the tomato onion mix, sieve to remove skin and pips, put back in the pan, and heat, add oxo and dissolve, add balsamic and tomato purée and milk, simmer for 15 mins, adjust seasoning to taste. Serve with a little crème fraiche, crusty bread and a glass of red wine.

Saturday, 31 October 2009


Its been a while since I posted, I really shouldn't leave gaps like this, so the next few posts will be a bit haphazard,
I've got a couple of Ponies, Pablo and Pepeto, registered as Shetlands, although a little larger than that.
Pepeto (on the left) who is 13, has been ridden before but not in the last three years, he is the larger of the pair and will be my pony, Pablo is only 5 and never been ridden, will eventually be Kenzo's pony, but needs breaking.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Although we had some nice days, the weather in June and July wasn't as nice as we would like, although August was a scorcher and nearly half way through September is still lovely weather, so it was a shame that our visitors this year didn't get the best of sun tans.
My brother, Jeff, his son and daughter, Andrew and Kerry with Kerry's husband Tony came in early August on there motorbikes, just coming for a long weekend, spending two nights here and the rest around the St Malo area.

A couple of weeks later, my niece Michelle arrived in France with her son Josh, spending a few nights at Dan's, a night at Mikes, three nights here then back to Dan's for the last night, Visiting the Château at Chateaubriand , Mont St Michelle, shopping in Rennes with Violaine, the beach at Damgon and the touristy bit around here.