Thursday, 17 December 2009

Blog, why bother?

Its a lot better than keeping a diary and its easy to share, but, you can never be sure if anyone actually reads it, many the time I've mentioned something or discussed photographs I've posted with my sister Yvonne, "I've not looked today" she will say, this is possibly about something I posted two or three days ago! Or, maybe thousands are reading about Half Acre Farm, but no one is commenting, or very few are following the blog, now I'm as guilty as everyone else, I read a few blogs regularly and others occasionally, but often forget to comment, even just to say, "OK read it", so if you are reading this please tell me, you don't need to critique if you don't want to, just so I know that I'm being heard.


Inspector Clueless said...

OK, read it. I know the feeling; I'm just getting started blogging, as you know, and am still in that 'honeymoon period' with my blog, wanting to know that it's being cherished and cared for! I find your and others' blog really useful. You've 'walked the walk' which I will soon undertake. Let's hope it's not a long walk off a short gangplank! Inspector Clueless himself.

Blu said...

I read your blog from time to time, but was not sure if you ever paid a visit to mine.LOL.

Maybe if you ask us a question in your blog we will leave a comment.

Best wishes Blu.

dbnbry said...

I love your blog I look everyday to see what you have been up to

French Fancy said...

Like Blu I read your blog from time to time but to get comments you have to go and leave comments really. Still we've all made a start here now - hoping to see you popping in to our places as well