Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Or is at a nightmare, another round of collecting pony poo from the winter grazing, we don't own the land so its important we keep it clean. First thing in the morning, snugly bug in bed, just the cries of cockerels demanding their breakfast, although most of chicks are in the coops there are some still roosting in the bare oak tree, it was -8 last night, yet the stupid birds are still up there, I was expecting to find frozen chickens this morning! So the tree dwellers are up and around demanding food, I drag myself from my bed, release the hounds then collect the bread I've left soaking and venture outside, bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!!!!!! Next release the geese who always attack me, then duckles our last surviving duck, fill the feeders and open up the coops. Now to go feed the ponies, two buckets with a handful of pellets, a couple of carrots and potato peelings, on the walk up to the paddock I will collect a couple of the apples that are still on the ground in one of the holiday homes in the commune, I also take a small bag of hay. I take a hammer with me to break the ice on the water trough. 2 hours later feed the dogs and cats at last time for a cup of tea.

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