Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lunch with friends

Expat website get together at Steve and Alison's. Steve and Alison (possibly the nicest people in the world) run BRITSERV a removals company in France, readers will know my father past away recently and my mother a couple of years ago, Steve and Alison bought some items from the UK to me in France, we took the opportunity to collect the items and have a get together, Entertainment was laid on, shooting, fishing, golf and other fun activities. BBQed chicken, everyone bought various items, including beetroot brownies, yummy.
Shooting local peasants, apparently they meant pheasants.

One of thems mine.

Corn dollys.
Yes I admit I helped empty that pimms jug.

I want one.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

What I saw today.

In La Gacilly buying bread, these were parked near by.

And something I didn't see, I'm unable to credit the picture at present but I will try.

The famous and beautiful “house between the rocks” located in France, along La Cote de Granit Rose in Brittany near Plougrescant.
I found the photo HERE

Coming soon, Music

Fête des Chants de Marins - Samedi 06 Août 2011 - LES FOUGERETS
A partir de 19h00 au Pont-d'Oust - entrée Gratuite.
Avec le Groupe CAPSTERN suivi d'un Fest-Noz sur parquet avec AR MEN DU et le Duo Sérot-Tobi. Repas : Moules Frites

We didn't go last year as it rained, yes fair weather festival goers here, but its a fun event, worth a visit, entrance is free, but we like to enjoy mussels and chips and a bottle of cider while listening to the bands.

Never been here to this festival, but if we can we will, looks a good couple of nights.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Coming soon The last festival of the summer.

Festival Les Mines d'Or 2011

I will definitely be there Saturday the 3rd of September.

The line up includes The Tatianas, Kim Novak, Phunckaphillia, Miss Mary Mack, Hélios and Oxford Circus. The headline act is Soldat Louis, If you don't know them you should, they are a Breton Rock band, mixing classic Breton music and instruments with Rock.
Here is there most well known song.

Find more about the concert HERE

Dodgy workmen

 On UK TV you often hear about dodgy workmen ripping off vulnerable people, this is how the law works in France;

Providing false information in order to dishonestly obtain monies,securities, property or a service or to dishonestly obtain consent to an act or the discharge of an obligation, and which involves prejudice to the owner, is fraud which is punishable by five years imprisonment and a 375,000€ fine.
The penalty is increased to seven years imprisonment and a 750,000€ fine if the fraud is against a person with a particular vulnerability such as age, illness, infirmity, physical or mental disability or pregnancy which is apparent or known to the perpetrator. The penalty is increased to ten years imprisonment and a 1 million Euro fine when the fraud is committed by an organised gang.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stuffed Tomatoes and soup

Some large firm tomatoes.

Turn upside down and slice of the bottom.

Scoop out the insides, but leave the flesh intact.

I boiled up some rice in water with curry powder, then used sausage meat and chorizo, I fried the meat with a little curry powder, when cooked added the cooked rice and mixed it together will a little of the chopped tomato pulp, just enough to make it moist.

I then filled the tomatoes with the rice sausage mix, and put the "lids" back on.

I also stuffed a few tomatoes with mozzarella, basil and a little of the tomato pulp.

I put Olive oil and the tomatoes in a roasting dish and gave the tops of the tomatoes a spray of basil flavoured extra virgin olive oil. These went into the oven at 180c.

The rest of the pulp, some courgettes and a parsnip were used in a soup,then I followed my soup recipe HERE

Steamy picture.
After making the soup , blending it.

After blending you can add any rice left from the stuffed tomato recipe.

Checking my recipe

Check your tomatoes after 15 minutes and every five minutes, you want them cooked without collapsing, it will depend on how soft your tomatoes were before you started.

Serve with fresh bread and a rosé

Friday, 15 July 2011

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fireworks at Messac

Following my post about BASTILLE DAY  Yesterday we went to Messac to watch the celebrations, great fireworks, its a shame they don't do it like they do in our village, with music. But still an impressive show.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Out to lunch

Rochefort en terre for lunch
I love this church, I like to go there to light a candle for my Mom, Dad and Grandmother

Normally I eat at the restaurant by the car park, but for a change we used the one the other side of the road, Mussels Brittany style, then a stroll up to the bakers for a Kouign Amann

Lovely building by the church

I was going to "fix" this photo, but what a shine.

Never seen this before, it was on the road to Redon from Rochefort, set in a wooded area.

This is in Redon by the train station, what I know is Michel Mace was a police man who died on duty on the 18th of September 1982 aged 39, I don't know any more, got to do some research.