Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I've started getting the things I need to girly my car

Just need the car now.
So far I've got the mats, seatbelt pads and air freshener from Red Sign For Ladies
Paul says I need some watchyamacallits and some thingamajigs and I've got everything.

New Shoes

It was only a few days I was complementing Paul on his restraint in the shoe shop.
It didn't last long, he had to go back to get these.
He owns more shoes than I do, is this normal?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

I've bought a car

Its a PEUGEOT 107 TRENDY 1.4 HDI, Its been over six years since I've driven.

I will pick it up on Saturday

Sunday, 15 January 2012

When spring has sprung

Nature had a shock last night / this morning, recently my sweet peas had started to grow again, I've got bulbs coming through and only yesterday I had to rescue a salamander from one of my cats, then last night the temperatures dropped well below freezing, I woke this morning and at first I thought it had snowed everything was so white, I had to break the ice off the animal waters and empty the blocks of ice out of others, and even though we saw some sunshine this afternoon the blocks of ice on the grass are still frozen blocks of ice. It looks like we have this for at least a week.


The sales in France have started, the winter sales running from the 11th of January to the 14th of February.
I've bought a few items, but I'm waiting till they cut the prices again, Paul bought him self a pair of shoes, but then Paul finds it hard to resist a shoe sale.
He was quite restrained though, he actually had three pairs of shoes in his hands at one stage.

Zumba Fitness Basic Steps Demo

As I get closer to 50 I've decided its about time I did something about my health and fitness, Living in France has already gave me head start, I no longer drink alcohol during the week, just the weekends, I long ago started to keep the amounts of fat in my diet down, I no longer eat deep fried food, well maybe once or twice a year I might do fish and chips. I'm going to buy a steamer, I had one in the UK and have started (in the privacy off my own home) Zumba.

I know I have arthritis in my knees, my mother and grand mother both had it and the physiotherapist who treated me 12 years said my discs were crumbling, all I can do is try to delay the seriousness of my conditions as long as possible.

Paul wants a new car

He looked at this, but now wants people to tell him why he should buy an Alfa Romeo, many are telling him why he shouldn't.


I like McDonald's, Paul doesn't (apart from the coffee), so I don't get to go in very often, he thinks the food is rubbish. On Saturday Paul had to go for his quarterly blood test, he likes an early appointment at the clinic as he can't have anything to eat or drink till after, he wanted to buy some shoes and I needed to get a few items from Intermarche, however the shops don't open till 9am and he was out of the clinic at 8.30 so I suggested coffee at McDonald's, he said yes and so we entered, I have no idea how long its been going but its the first time we have seen McCafé and the first time I have seen Paul enjoy a McDonald's.

Real cups!!