Sunday, 15 January 2012

Zumba Fitness Basic Steps Demo

As I get closer to 50 I've decided its about time I did something about my health and fitness, Living in France has already gave me head start, I no longer drink alcohol during the week, just the weekends, I long ago started to keep the amounts of fat in my diet down, I no longer eat deep fried food, well maybe once or twice a year I might do fish and chips. I'm going to buy a steamer, I had one in the UK and have started (in the privacy off my own home) Zumba.

I know I have arthritis in my knees, my mother and grand mother both had it and the physiotherapist who treated me 12 years said my discs were crumbling, all I can do is try to delay the seriousness of my conditions as long as possible.

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Michelle said...

good luck with Zumba, I go to class once and week and now have it for the Wii at home, I love it!