Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Please buy it

Veteran rock band Status Quo are releasing a new version of their hit In The Army Now to raise funds for armed forces charities.

The song, a number two hit in 1986, has been lyrically reworked and has backing vocals from the Corps of Army Music.

"We want people to celebrate what they do, say thank you and also support these vital charities," said the band's Francis Rossi.

The track, re-recorded in recent weeks, is due to be released on 26 September.

All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Help For Heroes and British Forces Foundation charities.

This is not the new version, but its the same song. (well nearly)

EDIT, Paul Emailed Status Quo about the single, he received this reply;


The single is not released as a single throughout Europe, but will be released
as a mini-album by Edel in the near future. Please keep and eye on the site for




However if your outside of the UK and want to contribute to these causes you can buy it here

A new blog I'm reading

A couple of Blogs I'm reading, both set in the Charente region of France;
prunings from the vines

After almost 30 years, I had finally grown tired of the corporate world and all the energy sapping baggage that went with it. I thought we would change our lives and try a new adventure in France for a couple of years and see what happened.... I have lived in France since 2007.

And Cognac property

Some "off the wall" musings from the Charente valley, one of the prettiest parts of France. Buried deep are also some hints & tips on buying property in the area around Cognac & Jarnac. To see more about what I do please visit www.cognacproperty.com

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Some photographs

The baby chickens safely behind bars.

Pepi and Chantel on Lac Arguignac.

The three boys playing nicely together.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spotted In Redon

New baby chickens

There's about 10 of them, I saw them this morning on the drive, the chickens have been hiding there eggs lately, but as we don't have a full size Coq these baby's are all likely to be Bantams, still edible when fully grown they are unlikely to survive, with the local cats the weather and natural selection actually having anything to go onto the table later is unlikely, so Paul is going block off the pig arc, and if we can catch the baby's and mother we will put them in it.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Washing on the line

A lovely warm day so I washed the bedding and put it out to dry, a turkey thought it a nice place to perch.

Almost ready to eat!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


After lunch at Dan and Vero's place we took a trip just up the road to Le Theil de Bretagne where Dan and Vero are having a new house built.

On the way home we always try to make a turning, just to see what we find, we took two today.

Not Disney world but Chateau de La Noe-Saint-Yves

After passing the Château we came across the lake attached to the Campsite, so stopped for a few minutes in the sun.

After leaving there we carried on towards home, if you looked at the post before this today is the 2010 Journees Du Patrimoine, because of this most off the local Manoirs, Châteaus and other attractions are open free to the public, as we passed a track we have passed many times before I noticed some of the old cars from earlier were coming away from this dirt track, so Paul turned, we found the Château de Bezyl, recently converted to a B&B and a separate Gite it was open to the public and was very busy. Here's a link to the Château website, there are many photographs on the site, so I will just show a few of the ones I took today. The Château has an open air pool and its own cinema.

Parking in Sixt

A few photographs from the 2010 Journees Du Patrimoine, the rest can be found here:

Before and after photoshop

I wish I was this clever;

This was done by Carl at http://www.ineedaholidaytoo.com/ accessible wheelchair holidays for disabled people.

Then others got involved, someone repaired the church roof,

Someone decided to remove the path and make the grass greener

It went down hill after this. Peter Howe the creator of this masterpiece calls it his Seal of Approval.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Random today pics

Nearly time to start buying winter food, although its a tin, I make changes, as soon as its cold enough I will do my famous Confit of Duck.

Christmas stuff already

A turkey trying to prove he's big enough for the oven.