Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I've won an award, and this time its mine

A Taste of Garlic has awarded my last post (Half Acre Farm is for sale) an award, this is what Keith at Taste of Garlic has to say;

The Absolute, Incredible Bargain of the Month Award goes to Rosalyn at An English Rose in France for her post mentioning that Half Acre Farm is For Sale.
Yes, it’s true!
One of the most desirable properties in all of Brittany (nay – France!) is on the market at a bargain price.
The house has all the normal things like 2 bedrooms, a nice big downstairs room, some land, a roof and some sheds and things but…
What Rosalyn was a little bit too shy to mention is that, if you stand in the garden and look South – then twitch your buttock just a smidgen so that you are pointed sort of South, South West…
Across the valley, about a mile away, you will see the magical fantasticness (or should that be the fanytastic magicalness – I can never remember which way round it is?) of A Taste of Garlic Towers!
Which I reckon puts about 100,000 euros on the value of Half Acre Farm?
From Rosayln’s bedroom window you can see my long johns hanging on the line (once a year) and…
With a decent pair of binoculars…
You can ever make out the stains!
Anyway, I guarantee that the first to view will buy!
It’s very rare that houses with a view of A Taste of Garlic Towers come on the market these days…
And, when they do, they are always snapped up in seconds!
So, if you fancy living in the posh part of Brittany with some famous (and slightly eccentric) neighbours….
Give Roslayn a call!
Of course, I shall be vetting any potential new neighbours personally….
And very thoroughly!
We can’t have any old riff-raff turning up round here!

Its sounds so good I think I will keep it.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Half Acre Farm For sale

Got a bit to do on this post, such as measurements. So please come back and take a look. Half Acre is for sale, €90000, a small cottage with large garden and an another piece of land with a certificate of urbanism, this means you can build on it, alone the building land is worth over €20000 and plots like this are selling. The cottage is open plan down stairs upstairs are two bedrooms and a shower room.Total land is just under half acre of land. The cottage is in the commune of Arguignac, about 3 minutes from the village of Sixt sur Aff, less than 10 minutes from the beautiful artisans village of La Gacilly and about 15 minutes from the historic town of Redon.

Just over 1200sqm, with planning permission.

The house and a further 1300 sqm
View from the house
Looking up towards the house from the bottom of the valley
The hedge separating the two pieces of land

Top of stairs

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I thought I had won a blog award

But its for the post below thiis one, so as much as I would like to keep it I will pass it onto Jamie.

From this weeks "That was the week" on Taste of Garlic
"Rosalyn at An English Rose in France shared Jamie’s (a local celebrity who lives in a yurt) thoughts on mushrooming on her blog in a post called Mushrooming, by Jamie.
She was also kind enough to mention my mushrooming website and my famous lucky mushrooming hat!
Thank you Rosalyn!"

Please accept the Mushroom of the Week Award for your sterling efforts!
All the best
that was the week That was the week....   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

However Keith also posted
that was the week That was the week....   because we all love reading blogs about life in France.                                  "The wonderful Rosalyn from An English Rose in France got my mouth watering with her Beef and Kidney Pie.
But then, there’s often plenty of mouthwatering stuff to be found on this site…
Such as her delicious Ham and Chorizo Cake (I’ve tried that!)
Well worth a visit"