Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My boys and I

Dan, Paul and Mike

While posting this I remembered a photo from 2005 when we first moved here.


We spent the weekend in Normandy at Celines parents home.
Theres two albums of photographs.

Some of the pictures were taken on the beaches, scenes of the D-Day landings.

Some of the photographs are  HERE

And a lot of photographs taken at the museums and the grave yards.

The photo's are HERE

A short very poor quality video I made, I heard the bugler and rushed to get the camera filming.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

That was a fast summer!!!!

Winter returned for a short burst while I was putting on the next post after this.

Dupuytren's contracture

This is what Paul has, Dupuytrens disease,  he's had an operation on his hand to correct what Wiki describes as " a fixed flexion contracture of the hand where the fingers bend towards the palm and cannot be fully extended (straightened). It is an inherited proliferative connective tissue disorder which involves the palmar fascia of the hand. It is named after Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, the surgeon who described an operation to correct the affliction in the Lancet in 1831."

 Paul made 3 posts on his Facebook, this one showing his hand after the operation

Hospital food

And his hand.

Monday, 27 May 2013

In the garden

I've been for a stroll round Pauls veg garden, he's had an operation on his hand, he had to work hard to get his veg garden ready this year as he can't do any work in the garden, he planted a lot of things, mainly pumpkins early, he said they might not survive but he has more in the greenhouse. I've put some carrots in got him and will put some more in this weekend.
I'm not the best at looking after my baskets, but as this one is near Pauls greenhouse it gets watered.
My Lemon tree is now outside,

Pumpkins and courgettes.

Chilli's and tomato plants, theres 7 tom plants in the garden, another 6 or 7 to be planted in the greenhouse, along with the chili and pepper plants as soon as Paul lifts the veg growing in the ground inside the greenhouse.
Lettuce, leeks and tomato plants

Escarole lettuce

Tomato plants

New Vine

The larger onions were planted last year, the ones either side were planted this year.

Red lettuce and cauliflower.


Potato plants


Before Paul went into hospital he prepared this bed, I've put in parsnip seeds and covered in compost, Paul says it will help him find the plants when he can start in the garden.

I've put a few broccoli seedlings in.

Pumpkin plants

Red cabbage.

Some aubergines are going to stay in the greenhouse, some have been planted in a small tunnel.


Red lettuce

Last years onions
Paul cleared a new bed a few months ago and stacked the turf in one corner, what we tried here is to make a dent in the turf heap, added compost and put pumpkin plants in the compost, We will see how this goes.

My old vine

Banana plants growing a screen behind my bench.


Geese on a nest



Leeks growing in the greenhouse



Cabbage seedlings

A cabbage grown from a cabbage core


Broccoli seedlings

Christmas, easter and a spare.