Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese New Year

Our Grandson, baby Kenzo will be born early June and is likely to be a big baby. Today is the first day of the Chinese new year so Kenzo will be born in the "Year of the OX", so Ive checked back to see when the rest of us were born.
Myself, 1963 the year of the Rabbit.
Paul's a pig, sorry born in the year of the pig.
Mike is a rabbit like his Mommy.
Dan is a Ox l as will be Kenzo.
Violaine was born in the year of the Dragon.
Veronique was born in the year of the pig.
To check your Chinese birth date and compatibility with other signs, go here

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Vilaine River

Photos taken from Messiac side of river, there's been so much rain the river has burst the banks, the road on the Guipry side has been closed off. Somewhere under that lot is a tractor parked on a car park, and the decking for the bar on opposite bank.

Random pics, from V's Party

20th birthday party for Violaine last night.

Wearing "the" glasses

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Weather

Text to follow, but here's some photographs from the garden, a bit dark, so I will take some more later.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My Family tree

My familly descends from the De Saulles Family My Grandmother was Marjory De Saulles before she married,
John Bennett - 3rd Gt Grandson of Samuel Georges De Saulles has traced the familly tree, the following is from his website

"This genealogy of the UK De Saulles families starts with a Gerard de Saulez, from Switzerland circa late 13th Century. Most of the Swiss, UK and Canadian branches of the family are now "linked up"and it was Samuel Georges Desaules who emigrated to London in the early 1800s and founded the "De Saulles" families in the UK. Jean Pierre Desaules emigrated to Canada c. 1760 and was the "founding Father" of the Canadian "Dessaulles". (This updated version is limited to 16 generations to avoid showing any living persons.)"

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The weather

So its been very cold recently, but at least it kept the ground hard, now its warmed up (a little) the rains coming in and the gardens getting muddy, especially in high traffic areas, such as round the animals houses. Sunday is the main clean out day for the animals, the houses are swept out, disinfected and new straw and hay put in, one of our newer chicks for some reason joined the older chicks last night, this morning she was dead, I cant see any marks on her, maybe she was smothered, she seemed a little, well, flat this morning, rather annoying as she was due to be one of the next to start laying, the good news our home produced white bare neck laid her first egg today, egg production has been down lately because of the weather, at least we now have a new chicken laying.
A sign that spring is on the way, the wild birds are singing very loudly in the mornings, its nice to wake up to, but its 8am, I may feel different when they start at 5am ( no I wont).
How windy was it last night! French houses use hooks to hang the roof tiles on, although very secure they do rattle in the wind, it can be a little worrying when your sleeping underneath them.

Christmas Video

Mike and Violaine pictures.

Mikes and Violaines house

The plan was to take some photographs but by the time Mike had done the deal on the new car it was getting a little dark, but here's some photographs of house and the nursery, I am the last person in the family to see the nursery and felt very bad that I hadn't gone to see it, but although I drive I don't, feel comfortable driving a LHD on the "wrong" side of the road, so avoid driving as much as I can, but why drive when I have a chauffeur. While at the garage looking at Mikes new car i saw a few cheap runabouts, so maybe later in the year I may get my own car.