Sunday, 18 January 2009

The weather

So its been very cold recently, but at least it kept the ground hard, now its warmed up (a little) the rains coming in and the gardens getting muddy, especially in high traffic areas, such as round the animals houses. Sunday is the main clean out day for the animals, the houses are swept out, disinfected and new straw and hay put in, one of our newer chicks for some reason joined the older chicks last night, this morning she was dead, I cant see any marks on her, maybe she was smothered, she seemed a little, well, flat this morning, rather annoying as she was due to be one of the next to start laying, the good news our home produced white bare neck laid her first egg today, egg production has been down lately because of the weather, at least we now have a new chicken laying.
A sign that spring is on the way, the wild birds are singing very loudly in the mornings, its nice to wake up to, but its 8am, I may feel different when they start at 5am ( no I wont).
How windy was it last night! French houses use hooks to hang the roof tiles on, although very secure they do rattle in the wind, it can be a little worrying when your sleeping underneath them.

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