Sunday, 11 January 2009

Even Colder

I remember the days when we lived in a centrally heated, double glazed, insulated semi in England, minus whatever outside, T-shirts on inside. Still I'm in a T-shirt now, but also a woolly Jumper and my long john's, in the last few days its reached -10c, a bit nippy, yet during the day I'm sitting outside in the sun, still have the jumper on, but very pleasant none the less. My routine is to get out of bed and get dressed very quickly, woolly socks, woolly jumper, Paul's woolly cardi, let the dogs out then put my coat, woolly hat and woolly gloves on. Let the Geese, Ducks and chickens out, then feed them all, the goats come up to the house for there breakfast and I walk round breaking the ice in the water buckets, some of the days I've had to tip the ice out and fetch fresh water as the buckets have frozen solid, the water pressure in the kitchen is poor, the outside taps frozen so takes ages to do, I've still got ice on the grass that I emptied out six days ago, even the sun has failed to melt it. Cook potatoes and pasta for the animals and fetch fresh hay. Fill the Kerosene heaters and get that on, bring in some logs for the fire (I wont light that till after lunch).
Now I can have a cup of tea.

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