Sunday, 4 January 2009

Minus 7c

Chilly this morning, Minus 7 centigrade, been below freezing for a week now, it was only 12 degrees in the house this morning, Paul had to get the wood burner running, 11am still only 16c in the house but we must be getting used to it as I've just turned off one of the heaters. The suns shining though and the cars defrosting but its still minus 2, I had to take some water out from the house to the animals all there buckets are frozen as is the hose pipe out of the well. I will try to get some photographs today.
We went to Dan's for dinner last night, the Gite he's renting is so cold, but he has found a house near Tresbouef and will be moving in February, its a new house lots of heating and a small garden, also its close to work.
I've got a stew on, Lamb stew from our home killed lamb, I started it off on the cooker then left it to simmer on the wood burner, proper winter warming food. A special treat for the chickens, I'm cooking them Pasta and potatoes.

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