Sunday, 19 September 2010


After lunch at Dan and Vero's place we took a trip just up the road to Le Theil de Bretagne where Dan and Vero are having a new house built.

On the way home we always try to make a turning, just to see what we find, we took two today.

Not Disney world but Chateau de La Noe-Saint-Yves

After passing the Château we came across the lake attached to the Campsite, so stopped for a few minutes in the sun.

After leaving there we carried on towards home, if you looked at the post before this today is the 2010 Journees Du Patrimoine, because of this most off the local Manoirs, Châteaus and other attractions are open free to the public, as we passed a track we have passed many times before I noticed some of the old cars from earlier were coming away from this dirt track, so Paul turned, we found the Château de Bezyl, recently converted to a B&B and a separate Gite it was open to the public and was very busy. Here's a link to the Château website, there are many photographs on the site, so I will just show a few of the ones I took today. The Château has an open air pool and its own cinema.

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