Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A new blog I'm reading

A couple of Blogs I'm reading, both set in the Charente region of France;
prunings from the vines

After almost 30 years, I had finally grown tired of the corporate world and all the energy sapping baggage that went with it. I thought we would change our lives and try a new adventure in France for a couple of years and see what happened.... I have lived in France since 2007.

And Cognac property

Some "off the wall" musings from the Charente valley, one of the prettiest parts of France. Buried deep are also some hints & tips on buying property in the area around Cognac & Jarnac. To see more about what I do please visit www.cognacproperty.com


Keith Eckstein said...

Andy knows a lot about music - and he's got a Velosolex (actually, he's got two!)

The only problem with him is that he supports Wolves!

Well, I suppose someone has to!

Rosalyn said...

SHHHH not mention were Villa fans here then.

Andy said...

Keith is spot on with the music and Velosolex but way off the mark with the Wolves, but if it keeps him happy!

Appreciate the support Ros, very generous. If you know Bordesley you might find "The Spotted Dog" post familiar....