Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My visitor map

Who reads my blog, normally there is a Russian and a couple of people in Africa as well.

Unless I pay, my stat counter only keeps my last 500 visits, recently it shows this.

drill down36472.80%FranceFrance
drill down8517.00%United KingdomUnited Kingdom
drill down163.20%GuernseyGuernsey
drill down112.20%United StatesUnited States
drill down61.20%CanadaCanada
drill down51.00%IrelandIreland
drill down30.60%GermanyGermany
drill down20.40%AustraliaAustralia
drill down20.40%PakistanPakistan
drill down20.40%SwedenSweden
drill down10.20%TaiwanTaiwan
drill down10.20%NorwayNorway
drill down10.20%FinlandFinland
drill down10.20%SpainSpain

Anyone wanting a stat counter should go here

1 comment:

I.W Mitchell (mr le marquis) said...

Just as well, 'cos Europe's overcrowded...!