Saturday, 12 December 2009

Appy Burfday

Off out tonight, its my burfday tomorrow and Paul's on Monday, so the lads are taking us first for a curry in Rennes and then ice skating, looking out the window I could possibly go skating now, its so cold.
I've just let the chickens ducks and geese out, soggy bread and pellets for breakfast, the animals, not me, time for a cup of tea then I need to take the feed up to the ponies who are on there winter pasture, I've seen another piece of land sitting there doing nothing and I have to go speak to the owners about letting the ponies on to it. I know the owner keeps sheep on there later in the year but at the moment its empty.
A site worth visiting these are friends of ours, Keef and Jilly, Keef has many websites and is available to hire to build your own websites for you at reasonable cost, I'm enjoying reading a taste of garlic but he goes on far to much about incest and Morris dancing! Still an amusing read with interviews with such great literary giants such as George East (no, George East not Fred West). After George's disasters trying to live and work in France, many people moved to France because of the way he painted the idea of living here or maybe it was just to prove they could make a better job of it than George did.
After reading the George East interview I've decided to do my own, but with a different angle, I'm going to ask sensible questions, watch this space.

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