Sunday, 20 December 2009

New clothes

I wanted some new clothes for Christmas day, the men in the family have there Christmas jumper competition, Paul has a cardigan for this year, just a mass of colours, a cardigan only your granny could buy you, us girls prefer to dress better, Although not a big eater I've been a little, er, plump, I'm due to have a hysterectomy in February and I've been having injections to reduce, shall we say the swelling, I've dropped two dress sizes and I'm wondering what size I will be after my op, its nice to be able to buy "nice clothes", Paul wants me in dresses after the op but I'm not really a dress wearer, we will see come the summer, lets see what he wants to buy me in the sales. I've had my hair cut so I'm ready to face the day.

1 comment:

French Fancy said...

I don't think you look plump, I think you look very nice in that jumper. I'd never get away with a belted jumper - I don't know which bulge would be bigger - the one above or the one below the belt