Friday, 26 March 2010

I've been in hospital.

I had an hysterectomy, in September I was told I needed an operation, but because of the size of my uterus I needed to go on a six month course of injections, the injections cost €135 a time plus the cost of the nurse coming out. The injections helped reduce the size and made for a smaller scar, on the 18th of March I was admitted to Redon Hospital, on the 19th I had my operation, I was in surgery for 2 and half hours, but was in theatre for a total of 6 hours as they sorted out my pain control, I was wired up to 4 machines (including the one that go's ping) had 2 drips and a machine that on a press of a button gave me morphine. On the 21st I was disconnected from the machines and drips and in the afternoon was allowed to wonder around the wards but It was the 22nd before I was allowed and food or drink and was discharged on the 23rd, hospital bill €4700, I mention the bills to show those without a mutuel or even health cover some idea of what going into hospital could cost.

Although I understand French and can speak a little its nice when others speak English better than I do French to speak to me in English.
The surgeon was fantastic, throughout consultation, before and after the op, she spoke English and was very friendly, I had complete confidence in her.
The nurse on the ward, highest of praises, all spoke (to different degrees) to me in English, also very friendly and understanding.
I have met a couple of the anaesthetists at Redon hospital before, one when Paul had his op and the one I saw before I went in, both speak English, unfortunately I didn't get one of them for my op, the one I got was a miserable sod, who when he found out I was English wouldn't speak to me at all, not even in French, he had problems getting my needle in, I heard him telling his colleague (in French) that he was struggling to get my needle in, they pinned my arms down and it hurt, I was then left alone for 15 mins, but i could hear them making comments about the English, I would refuse to have him if I had to go in again, I will be telling the hospital this as well as the positive comments in a letter to the hospital.
But, overall I was very pleased with the service I got although the food wasn't good.
Heres a few photographs, the view from my room and my slippers.

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