Sunday, 14 March 2010

Very busy weekend

Friday, dinner for four;
Salmon mousse
mixed veg in mayonnaise
Chicken Cordon blue, chunky chips and mushy peas
Crème caramel

Saturday morning;
Up early getting tea and croissants for Mike and Violaine, who were going fishing.
Sandwiches for lunch
Dinner for 5;
Avocado and Tuna on lettuce
Lemon chicken, dauphenoise potatoes
Pineapple slices and yoghurt.

Sunday breakfast for 5
Huge Toulouse sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes fried bread and toast.

Sunday lunch for 6;
Cold meats
Prawn salad, Marie Rose sauce
Roast pork
Carrots, peas and beans
Roast Potatoes, gravy and apple sauce
Cheese and salad

all the above accompanied with wines and beers.
Great to have the family together before I go into hospital, and enjoyed seeing Kenzo all weekend. I enjoyed playing cards with my boys Saturday night when the girls went to the theatre.


Kitty said...

I did roast pork today as well!
I hope you enjoyed your Mothering Sunday with your family.
Best wishes for the hospital, hope that goes easily and quickly!

Rosalyn said...

Hi Kitty, just tried to post on your blog but wasn't allowed, sorry to see your closing it, but will take time to read it.