Sunday, 31 October 2010

Site review

Keith at "A Taste of Garlic" has reviewed my Rosies Kitchen blog, click on the logo above to read it. Thank you Keith, Keith reviews different blogs and websites (nearly) every day, with a few exceptions they are all about France. Getting a mention on "A Taste of Garlic" ensures my own visitors increase. His sites are so popular.
There are two sites from Keith I look at daily, "A Taste of Garlic" and "Breton Diary" Breton Diary is Keiths own blog, often amusing, some great photographs and like my blog offer an insight into what its like to live in this beautiful part of France. Keith and I have a similar approach to blogging, we don't write endless streams of text (apart from now) but like to use photographs to show what living in Brittany is like.
I try to add to my blog daily, or at least every other day, I know that sometimes the days post could be boring to some, but this blog is my diary, but it contains recipes, history, advice on living in France, what's on and many other subjects, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, it has over 450 posts on it, I love writing it.

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