Thursday, 14 October 2010

Living in a YURT, Jamies story.

Many of us have been following the story of Jamie and Rachel and there dispute with there local Maire, Here's Jamie's story;

Rachel and I live in a Mongolian Yurt in woodland that we have bought to protect.our goal is to buy as many woodlands across France as we can afford in our lifetime so that we can spend a few months at a time in each woodland so that we can not only carry out what internal work that needs doing to help create a healthy woodland and eco-system,but also protect each woodland from ignorant people with big chainsaws that believe that re-planting is changing your machinery. we have seen vast amounts of woodlands and tree lines disappear here in Brittany over the last few years and have also noticed it going on at alarming rates in other parts of the with this making such an emotional impact on the pair of us we have taken it on as our life mission to do what we can to lessen the impact.

As this woodland in brec'h is our first buy we are needing to stay here just a bit longer until we get funds up to buy what we need then find our second woodland(probably in limousin).unfortunately the maire's efforts to get us evicted has somewhat delayed our plan as we have had to put time into trying to defend our cause,so basically if he had not sent us the letter of eviction back on the 24.12.2008 we would have most likely finished our plans and would have moved on to the next stage.

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