Monday, 25 October 2010

Shopping in France

Just been to Super U, I needed 3 bricks (1 litre packs) of skimmed milk, now normally they are in packs of 6, if there's none open you open one and take what you want, today there was no skimmed, I then noticed they were on a separate shelf, packs of 8 wrapped in plastic with promo logos, so I picked one up and went to the help desk.
Me. Can I open one of these, I only want 3,
Assistant. Yes of course,
Me, How much is a pack
Assistant. €7
Me. But there 80cents each.
Assistant. Yes
Me. 8 x 80cents is €6,40.
Assistant. But if you have a Super U card the pack is €6, so you save €1
Me. No I save 40 cents.
Assistant, Yes.

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