Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My New Toy

I've bought myself a lap top, a Samsung X420, perfect for updating my blog while relaxing after a stressful day.

Its perfect for every use that I need a PC for, good battery life, easy (ish) its in French!) The speakers are awful but it plugs straight into my TV on the HDMI port, this means I can watch films and TV programmes when I want to watch them on my large screen TV with great sound. It also means Paul gets to use his PC when he wants and as long as he puts his headphones on he can watch NCIS any time he likes. I've also got my Orange TV decoder from France Telecom, although I think this is a con, when I took out my original contract with them they said TV is included in the price, although we couldn't get the TV where we live, and no we don't get a reduced rate because of that, now with a dish and the router we can get the TV, we had to sign a new contract, which includes TV. I explained so did the last contract, but for those of you who have experienced French customer service you will realise I'm wasting my time arguing the point with the shop assistant.

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