Sunday, 5 June 2011

1st Festival des arts de la rue, in La Gacilly.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out last night or even if I should, but in the end I did, and was glad I did, I enjoyed the evening even though I couldn't put my Dad out of my mind. Heres a few photographs from last night.
The rest can be found HERE

La Gacillys little secret.
It looks like a wine shop, a cave, but at the back has a excellent tapas bar and attractive lounge, looks expensive but isn't, at the top of the hill, past the boulangerie opposite the Tabac is La Cave MK, They havnt got a website as yet, when they do I will post the link.


rachel1961 said...

We were at our house near La Gacilly until 3rd when we had to come back to UK....really miffed that we were missing the proceedings so great to see the photos. Hopefully by next year, we should be living there permanently so will be there ourselves ! Rachel

Paul and Roz said...

As a first time it went well, shame about Sundays weather, all that sunshine up to that weekend. Theres a couple of things that I'm sure the organisers would have noticed, it seemed strange that the biggest bar, with the hall next door on the square had no entertainment on, but it was a pleasant evening. When holidaying in the south west, I used to love going into the villages, like Aubeterre, where you could sit out on the square, be served from 3 different restaurants, depending where you sat, and listen to live bands playing. Theres a new Tea house opening, run by English people, people who know what they are doing as they have success further north, although this place is a little tucked away opening in July.