Sunday, 5 June 2011


Its the only thing I have sent to me from the UK, there are many in France who do a lot of shopping through various enterprises here in France and the UK, its often (possibly always) cheaper to buy on line at the likes of Asda and Tesco's and pay someone to deliver  it to France. The only problem I have is the logistics of it all. So I ask anyone coming over to bring me the Asda brand tea bags. My Mother used to send me teabags by post. They do sell Thé Anglais in the shops, or English breakfast tea but its not the same, sometimes you can find proper English tea in the English food sections in the supermarkets, but at vastly inflated prices. My son, Dan, has no such problem, he's happy with French tea, heres a snapshot of his tea selection.
Its not for me, a nice cuppa Yorkshire tea, thats white I need.

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