Thursday, 2 June 2011

Water Restrictions in Place Across Brittany

Yesterday the Brittany Prefecture announced water restrictions across the entire region after water levels normally seen at the end of July were recorded at the start of May.
In total ten restrictions have been put in to place effective from today and you should not undertake the following activities;

-          Car washes (apart for vehicles which have a legal obligation for example food trucks)
-          Cleaning of house facades and roofs
-          Cleaning of pavements, sidewalks and gutters
-          Filling, either whole or part, of private swimming pools
-          Watering of lawns and flowerbeds (between 8 am and 8pm)
-          Watering or cleaning of public or private sports grounds (stadiums, courts)

Pubic fountains will also be shut off unless fitted with a internal round circuit meaning the same water is used.

Farms across Brittany are also affected by the restrictions with ‘Agricultural Irrigation’ allowed only in certain circumstances.

Anyone found to be breaking these restrictions is liable to be fined.

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