Friday, 3 July 2009

Been a while

I've a lot to talk about, I really should post more often, I will write it in one go, if it looks bad I will split it up.

Kenzo, How cute?

Its been so hot, melting point, 25c don't sound a lot, but that's when Paul gets up at 3;00am, we have the fans going, would be nice to have windows open, but the fly's mosi's and hornets frighten me, we bought some stuff, 20€ supposed to stop mosquitoes coming through open windows, what a load of rubbish.
The chickens don't like the heat, egg production has dropped, and they are digging holes everywhere to make dirt baths, even in the veg plot which was covered with netting, the chicks have killed most of what was in there.
I've mentioned about our Bantam chicks sleeping in the tree, well we bought 5 turkeys, they soon joined the chicks up the oak tree.

Not sure why but two of our turkeys have since died.

Finally we have babies from eight eggs 4 hatched, 1 died strait away and 1 healthy gosling got trod on by one of its parents and died, we have two baby's left.

Chickens, we didn't realise how broody bantam chicks can be, we've got baby chickens everywhere.

I opened the chick house up the other day, oh dear, a baby chicken got caught in the door, it was in a bad way and Paul was at work, my first chicken kill, I had to put it out its misery. I had to wrap it in kitchen paper then ring its neck, it upset me, I'm sure killing a full size chicken for the pot is different (although that's Paul's job) but killing something to throw it in the bin is not good.

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