Sunday, 25 April 2010

Damgan Market and beach

Damgan Market


Saucisson, Yummy

Basque food.


Wish I'd bought my washing.

Beach this way

End of April so empty

Kenzo doing what he does best, looking cute.

Love this pic


Mike and Paul dreaming.

Seat with a view

At dinner

Fruit de mer

And home time.

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J. said...

I love markets! I miss the ones in Callac and Guingamp so much I was drawn to the local farmer's market here but, of my goodness! My years in Brittany taught me to be thrifty and sensible with my money and here the cooked lobsters were SO expensive I couldn't bring myself to buy one.

Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us

(I have to smile, the word verification is the name of the company who sold me my Corsa - Hamon, isn't that weird?)