Friday, 23 March 2012

The extension, Base

Were finally getting round to adding the extension, at present the downstairs of our house is an open plan kitchen diner and living room, were now building the living room as a seperate room which will give us a very good size kitchen diner, most houses in France tend to be open plan downstairs as your taxes are based on the number of rooms you have, my house originally had four rooms on one level, once the grenier (loft) was converted to bedrooms and a shower room we knocked out all the downstairs walls this meants although we now had two floors we still had the same amount of rooms as before, adding the living room will put our taxes up a little but we don't pay a lot here anyway.
First job, dig out the footings.

Easier than it looks.

Mix the cement.

 Fill the hole.

Check its level

Part one finished.

Has anyone spotted the deliberate mistake?
Next job, move all that earth in the middle to the outside!!
Then lay some blocks, these are laid to hold the base that will be built up to the floor level of the house.
 all level ready for cement.

Compact down the hardcore, lay a membrane to stop weeds coming through.

A slow job, we had thought of getting a lorry to deliver some RMC but we decided to do it ourselves.

Just over half done, but to late for anymore, we put a fence round to keep the animals off the wet cement.

But it didn't work!!


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