Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I've been to the hospital today and have the date for my operation, more on that later. Paul had a day off work today to take me for my appointment so we did a little shopping while we were in Redon. In France there is a chain of shops called "NOZ" they are a pile it up high sell it cheap type of shop, ends of lines, products bought from businesses that are closing down, the problem with the shop is they stock a lot of rubbish, also products in damaged packages and sometimes no package, but worth a rummage none the less. Today I bought amongst other things some food items, including Nescafé at just €3 for 200 gms, bargain, Thai noodles, red curry paste and red curry kits, and some stuff called All' Arrabbiata ( the word arrabbiata means angry in general use, in cooking it usually means that the dish contains hot pepper), I will report back about that.

After shopping we went for lunch at a place although near where we live have never visited before, Help yourself from the buffet for starters, pile the plate up high, Beef 'Provençal" with chips, Creme brulee, coffee and a bottle of local cider, for two, less than €30.

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Keith Eckstein said...

Must make an urgent visit to Noz! Just hope you have left something for us!