Saturday, 28 August 2010

From my book

Cookery for the working classes.

To make this a cheap dinner, you should buy 6_d._ or 1_s._ worth
of bits or pieces of any kind of meat, which are to be had
cheapest at night when the day's sale is over. The pieces of meat
should be first carefully overlooked, to ascertain if there be
any necessity to pareaway some tainted part, or perhaps a
fly-blow,as this, if left on anyone piece of meat, would tend to
impart a bad taste to the whole, and spoil the dish. You then rub
a little flour, pepper, and salt all over the meat, and fry it
brown with a little butter or fat in the frying-pan; when done,
put it with the fat in which it has been fried,into a baking-dish
containing some Yorkshire or suet pudding batter,and bake the
toad-in-the-hole for about an hour and a half, or else send it to
the baker's.

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