Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Lights

I posted a few snaps of the lights in Sixt sur Aff on Face Book and Keef at "A Taste Of Garlic" suggested that I might get one of his awards if I did a good write up on the local Christmas decorations, now Sixt is only a small village and like most villages reuse the same lights each year, I was disappointed that the Church hadn't got its lights on, but maybe they haven't finished putting them up yet.


As there's not a lot to say about the lights in Sixt I thought I would go to La Gacilly tonight and take some photographs there, up to a couple of years ago the bridge over the river was decorated with trees and lights and really looked festive, last year they didn't do much on the bridge but had a light show on the library, looked nice but I did prefer seeing the trees and to be honest can't see why they couldn't do both. Now I did say that I thought Sixt sur Aff's lights were not finished well I really hope that La Gacilly have more to do, I had to drive into the village today so thought I would take a look at the lights to see if it was worth me coming back tonight to take the photographs, its not, none of the lights are up over the roads, lots of white Christmas trees in place but nothing decorated, Indeed the village decorations had a very sinister look.

It seemed that the village had a problem with Santa and can only assume that someone didn't like there presents last year, maybe they were on the naughty list! They've decided to hang Santa!!! Some were even decapitated. He aint welcome round here.

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Blu said...

OMG headless Santa Claus iz...eek!