Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dinner with the family

Monday the 13th of December is my birthday and the 14th is Paul's, so we had the family round this weekend for dinner. For those of you are worried about your kids spending to much time playing on there games consoles buy an XBox and a Kinect, Mike bought his with him, I'm knackered, a full work out straight after dinner!

Yummy fresh Oysters.

How to open Oysters without stabbing yourself.

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Kitty said...

It looks like a glorious time was had by all!
And, oh yes... fresh oysters. That is one French Tradition I adore. My girls and I can polish off three dozen in a twinkling. I can open them, years of practice, but I STILL always manage to get pieces of the shell scattered inside. Probably bad technique. I guess more practice is required!

A very happy birthday to you!
Joyeux Fêtes!

Kind regards, Kitty