Friday, 19 August 2011


There was a thread running on Angloinfo about how expensive food was in France, the person starting the thread was saying that shopping came to about €600 a week. Theres a big difference between being on holiday and living some where but even so €600 just for food and drink is ridiculous.

Theres a few posts about Pot au Feu on my blog, this is good winter fare. Simply its a stew, traditionally cooked on the fire, for a couple of years I used to start this on the stove then when simmering away used to transfer it to the top of the wood burner, now I have my slow cooker, at less than €3 per Kg this piece cost €2.84, in a stew with veg this will make a hot nourishing meal for four. When I see offers like this I buy a few and put them in the freeze.

Grilling steak, perhaps I will cook them a little more than I would normally but 5.90€/kg theres a lot of meals here.

Sausages, what more do I need to say, buy large packs when there on promo.

This is Panga, a Vietnamese fish, very nice and cheap, but I'm now finding bad reports about this fish, the way its farmed and the rivers it lives in.

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