Sunday, 11 September 2011

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Yesterday was Paul and my wedding anniversary, 28 years,we have been together 28 years and 10 weeks, we got engaged after 5 weeks and had 5 weeks to plan the wedding, it wasn't that difficult to organise as I already had a wedding booked to some one else, just a name change, however we then had to change the date as we couldn't get the reception venue we wanted, the Arden Hotel where we worked, fortunately the church had a cancellation and we changed the date, the vicar said to me "is it to the same person?" "Yes" I replied. My mother got someone to make a cake, a lovely three tier affair, the wedding dress was second hand, but never worn before, the bridesmaids dresses were made by a friend of my mother, my brother hired a car, red, he liked the colour and he was going away the weekend in it. Mom wanted me to have a horse and carriage I suppose my brother thought Devon a little far by horse. The hotel really looked after us, more food than we ordered My mom got the flowers but forget the button holes, she had to get them made a hour before the wedding. My Dad tried to talk me out of it. bless him. A lot of people said it wouldn't last, were proving them wrong so far.

I only got my engagement ring 6 months ago, but I already had one, well I paid half of the cost, from my earlier engagement. This is my song to Paul, our song.

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