Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Been making soup

Getting ready for winter, Pauls bringing his vegetables up as there ready, I'm cooking what he brings but started doing my winter soups.
A large pumpkin,

Cut into half and scrape out the seeds, 

Cut into wedges then peel

This next photo shows the pumpkin in a pan to boil with chicken stock with garlic, onion and curry powder, but after I did this I decided to roast the rest, gave a much nicer flavour.

The seeds were washed and dried, I'm going to save some for planting next year, the rest I will roast to eat later.

Once the pumpkins were roasted I put the pumpkin I boiled with chicken stock and the roasted pumpkin in my blender.

I bagged up a lot of the puree and put the bags in the freezer, 

Then used the left over chicken stock to thin the puree I had left into a lovely soup.

Serve with ground black pepper and crunchy bread

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