Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paul made a soup

As I said in the post below I'm getting my winter soups ready; Pauls grown loads of beans but some have been a little "woody", so rather than boil and eat Paul made a soup.

Trim and dice the beans, put them on to boil.

Slice up a couple of leeks
I used a small ammount of yellow courgette last night so Paul peeled and diced the left overs and roasted them.

Paul fried the leeks

Bacon bits
and the roasted courgette, with a good spoonfull of paprika and parsley.

And blended, using a little of the chicken stock I had left over from my pumpkin soup.
Its a bit thick, but I will bag and freeze it, when I use it on a cold January evening I will adjust it then.

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