Thursday, 30 October 2008

My blog, starting now.

The alarm clock goes off, yes, its 3am, time for Paul to get up for work, except he clicks the snooze button while I ease one foot out of bed, its cold, I put my feet down where my slippers should be, they've gone, Jake (one of our five Jack Russels) loves pinching clothes, he doesn't damage them, just likes to sleep with them. After finding my slippers, easy, they were on the bed, on with my dressing gown and the dog race begins to get down stairs, I'm not rushing, I'm just careful I don't get knocked down, did I mention its cold. Put the dogs out to do there business and then I put the kettle on, and feed the cats. Paul's just getting up and I make his coffee, as soon as he's up and the dogs are back in I can go back to bed, myself and the five dogs all cuddled up back under the duvet.
Paul gives me a kiss ( I have to cover our eldest JR, Cassie, because she snaps at Paul if he kisses me) and leaves the house at 3.40am, I stay in bed till the goats wake me up, calling for their breakfast.
I have a few jobs to do before I have a cup of tea. First, let the geese out, since the fox paid us a visit and took 3 geese and 2 ducks they are all locked up at night. The geese as usual kick up a racket, as soon as I speak to them they calm down then I let the ducks out, by now the goats have broken out of their field and demanding breakfast, I open the feed buckets and the fight begins, as soon as the lids are off the goats are trying to climb in the buckets. After winning the fight, I am now holding a large bucket of bread and a 2 buckets of feed. I also have a small bowl of goat feed to keep them occupied while I get the corn for the geese. Before I let 20 chickens out I throw some bread and feed on the floor, Then let the eldest ones out first, then release the youngsters, by now one of the cats has jumped down from the top of the chicken house and is sitting on my shoulder demanding her breakfast. Just a few jobs to do know, get the goats back into there own field, that's the easy one, I just put the bread down in there field and they soon follow. Time to break up the first fight between the geese and the ducks, then herd the geese into their field. As I walk back to the house I look out for dead rodents on the lawn so the dogs don't eat them, feed the dogs, then its time for a cup of tea and Sky news.


mik-vi said...

oh ! very good description Rose !
especially the one where Jeck hide your shoes lol !
You have a hard job , almost harder than paul !
XxXxX ...

Sally said...

Great start to your blog Rosie!! Will look again-often!!

Sally (Salamander BF)