Thursday, 30 October 2008

Time for a second cup of tea.

Sitting at the computer with Lucy (puppy) on my knee, first port of call Brittany friends, a Brittany expats forum, very friendly place to visit and catch up on the gossip, snow in north Brittany and Normandy. A look on Angloinfo, an over moderated expats website, but useful for information.
Next any new postings on Paul's sites his Half Acre farm website see if there's any updates, onto his forums he has two connected to Half Acre Farm, to many pop ups on the old one, so has changed to another, he needs to get some more members before he closes the old one, and his Young people in France forum that's getting popular
Time to start the house work, start upstairs and work my way down, bedrooms, I really should keep the doors shut, I make the bed and the dogs un-make it for me. Wash up from last night, I leave the washing up after dinner, we prefer to sit and chat and have a bottle (or two) of wine. Time to go and check on the animals, six eggs today, seems that talk Paul had with the chickens about the cooking pot has sunk in and are back in lay again, the new chickens need to decide soon if they are egg or meat chooks.

A quick look in the duck "pond" make sure no chicks have fallen in, I picked one out the other day, I decided to throw it away, annoyed Paul he said that if I didn't want to eat it the dogs could have done, but as it wasn't killed for the pot I just didn't want to keep it, I put it in the bin, last time I buried one the dogs dug it up.
Another cuppa its time for a bit of "me" time, telly on, The Gilmore Girls, girlie TV, all five dogs try to sit on my lap, once were all comfortable we can enjoy the programme and share a biscuit.
Oops, time getting on, Paul home soon, light the fire and think about dinner, lamb chops I think, home produced,

Although so sad to see them go, they were so tame, Larry always came up to me if I called him and loved to follow me around, although he had many a fight with my dominant goat, day of dispatch was a sad day, I wanted to be out on that day but was here, I locked myself in the house and cried, I'm not sure if I could keep sheep again, I've no problems seeing off the chicks and ducks, and some geese go this weekend, but I got attached to the sheep, so cute and friendly. But the intention was always to eat the sheep, they were quickly and professionally dispatched and I'm not having a problem eating them, Larry and Clover were full grown and it would have been daft to let them go through the winter, with the expense of buying feed, and the meat getting older.

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