Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rosies Easy savoury flan

How easy is this,
Ingredients, I have used so many different ingredients in the past, have a look what you have in the house, even the pastry is optional. A perfect summer flan, eat warm with couscous and a baked potato or cold with a salad.
For this version,
A packet of ready made and rolled pastry
Smoked bacon lardons
4 or 5 eggs
creme fraiche
3 leeks
Feta cheese
curry powder

Warm oven to C180
Line a flan dish with pastry, (I have done the flan without pastry before)
Fry the leeks and bacon together till the leeks are tender
Whisk eggs with 3 tablespoons of creme fraiche and a level tablespoon of curry powder
After the leek and bacon has cooled slightly (so as not to start the egg cooking in the bowl) add to the eggs with the crumbled feta cheese and fold the ingredients together, pour into flan dish and bake till cooked, about 30 mins.

Bon Appetit

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