Sunday, 9 May 2010

OOps, you didnt mean to do that

Paul was cleaning my windows for me this weekend, easy enough job, but men don't multi task, he had no problems with the down stairs windows, but he then went on to do the Velux windows up stairs, He was doing the final window, standing on the freshly made bed crisp white cotton sheets, he had taken his shoes off, he had done the inside now he had pushed the window over to do the outside, he sprayed them and started to wipe them, then I spoke to him, he let go of the window as he turned to reply, it flipped over, catching him just above his left eye, he went down like a sack of spuds, blood coming from his wound, I rushed to help him, giving him some kitchen paper to stem the blood, success, I stopped him getting blood on the sheets. He survived, I let him rest for 2 minutes before finishing the job.

1 comment:

Keith Eckstein said...

When I saw the scar, I thought that you'd been slapping him for being cheeky (again!)