Thursday, 6 May 2010

La Chapelle de la Madeleine

The Chapel in my last posting "La Chapelle de la Madeleine ', I'm going to post a little of its history, so I will need to update this at a later date, however for now, as you can see from the sign the truce between England and France in the 100 year war was signed here in 1343, I also found a painting concerning a battle in the 1700's, as soon as I find more I will post.

A section from a Republican regiment led by general Canclaux massacred a group of Chouans sheltering in a chapel. The Chouans fought to death. The picture shows the interior of the chapel after the departure of the Republican troops (the storming in and out of whom is symbolized by the hat with the tricolor cocarde left abandoned on the ground). The dead bodies and the broken furniture (mostly religious symbols) testify to the violence of the action

I need to speak to some people, reading some information, there's a lot of bad feelings about what happened to Royalist supporters (The Chouans), Heres something from Youtube, most of the other videos were re enactments or parts from films usually about the Guillotine.


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