Wednesday, 6 October 2010

House for sale

And I'm not saying where.

I've been told this house is for sale, its in the middle of a group of houses, the house to the left is being used as a garage, has been repaired and has a good roof, the house to the right has been renovated and is a holiday home, that leaves this little property for sale for just €2000 (or so I've been told).

The roof needs replacing, then of course its going to be a shell inside, I've got to find out who's got the keys.

The back looks like this;
But its big selling point at that price is what's in the very small back garden, Trees.
With firewood at up to €250 a cord for cut dry wood, this comes with a lot of chestnut, but it needs cutting and drying for 3 years. Chestnut isn't a particularly good fire wood, I need to see if there's any Oak hidden in there.

The problem is, with all the fees I could be paying another €1500 on top. So, do I want to buy this house that's for sale €2000 for €3500?

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iwmpop said...

Looks like a bit more than the roof needs repairing, in fact the roof looks great in respect of the rest.
Careful - often places with trees like that are under nature protection, and - in any case, to cut down a tree over a certain size in France you need special permission. The sellers or agents won't tell you that probably!
Rosylee - you could end up being expelled and in a train or plane going to Rumania.....!
(PS - it took a good 5 mins to load the comment page)