Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bantams arrived

Half Acre Farms new chickens have finally arrived, having got lost the first time we wrote down the directions and found the house we were looking for, 12 full size and 9 just 3 weeks old, the young ones and the mother hen are in a cage in the bathroom till the weekend, Paul will put a door on one of the spare houses and move them the weekend,


The adults are in a new house, just needs a new hinge to finish it, again a job for the week end. Paul might cover all the houses with tongue and groove to make things a little neater, but that's not a priority.


I let the adults out this morning, I hadn't really had a look at them till today, we loaded them in a dark shed and it was night before we got them home, there's three cockerels, but I don't think they are going to be any good for eating so we will let them get on with things and see how it goes, as usual the dogs ran at the chickens when they were let out, our old ones just jump out the way, the new ones took flight, I've never seen a chicken fly before, over the fence and over the next door house.


The three cockerels all have a good voice, our number one coq has a deep smokers cry, his son a clear what I would call normal call, the three bantams are high pitched.


I love the call of the cockerel so it wont bother me, but it confused our neighbour Franck this morning he heard this commotion outside, he opened his front door to find one of the cockerels with his three ladies demanding there breakfast.
Heres some photographs, including a photo of a goose, duck and bantam egg.

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Blu said...

Hi Roz I just popped in to read about your new birdies. I was here on the hour so enjoyed the entertainment from the clock too.

Best wishes Blu x